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Fogstone Games Presents...

Looking for a great submarine game?  Try Lost Admiral Returns!  In LAR, submarines chase after battleships and transports, while doing their best to avoid enemy destroyers.  As a submarine game, LAR provides a wide range of ways to win a battle since there are so many other types of ships to use in combination with the submarines.

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Submarine torpedoes are nasty in the Lost Admiral Returns game.  Just as in World War II, German U-boats and US submarines can point those torpedoes at mighty battleships, or helpless transports.  Destroyers will quickly sink any submarines they find, extracting revenge for the submarine’s earlier rampages.

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Submarines ambush targets using torpedoes.  They must first evade enemy submarine protection such as destroyers with their defensive sonar and depth charges.  Then the submarine must line up it’s intended victim in just the right way to launch a deadly torpedo at it.  After firing the torpedo, submarines usually slip away from the area to avoid being found by avenging defenders of the submarine’s victim.Submarines are sneaky Ace cards in Lost Admiral Returns. Submarines can be used in the battle line to counter enemy battleships and cruisers, but must avoid enemy destroyers and PTs while doing this. Submarines can also be used to hunt down enemy transports, avoiding the bulk of the enemy's fleet through stealth and speed.

Submarines in Lost Admiral Returns game move at the normal pace of other ships in the game, but they can surface to intercept the enemy more quickly, but are much more easily found and killed while surfaced. The bane of submarines are destroyers and PT boats. Destroyers kill submerged submarines in one shot. PT boats kill submerged submarines in two shots.

Torpedoes from submerged submarines were sudden death for many lonely transports in the Atlantic during world war ii.  U-boats from the German navy were very effective in the early stages of the war.  U-boats later became less effective against convoys escorted by destroyers with sonar and depth charges.  For a while, wolf packs of u-boats were able to overcome these defenders by sheer numbers.  However, by the end of world war ii, u-boats were no longer a significant threat in the Atlantic Ocean.During World War II in the Battle for the Atlantic,  German submarines and U-boats struggle to torpedo as many British convoy ships as possible without being sunk in turn by royal navy destroyers. Historically the U-boats enjoyed great success in the early days of the war, but were not able to overcome the convoys quickly enough before escorting destroyers learned to hunt down the marauding submarines.

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Lost Admiral Returns
is a fun, quick playing Naval Strategy Game:  Outmaneuver your opponent using Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines and other ships for control of coastal cities.
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Lost Admiral Returns is like a chess game where you don't see the enemy
battle pieces until they are upon you ... unlike Chess, there are no books
on openings or endplays to give your opponent advantage. - Al Toth
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