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Fogstone Games Presents...

Battleships in LAR are lots more fun to use than ships in a typical Battleship Game.


Download LAR

Try LAR as an alternative to the traditional Battleship game.

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Battleships move and fight in detail in LAR, rather than abstractly.

Do want an

Battleship Game Alternative?

Try Lost Admiral Returns!

Blasting away with your big guns hoping to sink the enemy quicker than they sink you?

Lost Admiral Returns gives you a whole new experience in the Battleship Game genre.  Use your Battleships to blast the enemy to pieces, alongside a whole host of other ships to help get the job done.  Unlike paper forms of the traditional BG, you move these ships around the ocean to where they are most needed, hunting down the enemy where ever they flee...

Out think and out maneuver your enemy like you would in a chess game!  Try Lost Admiral Returns today and you may never need a new BG again.

Battleships and Cruisers form the core battle line for warship fleets in Lost Admiral Returns. Battleships and Cruisers live to pound all enemy ships into submission, while surviving enemy fire long enough to finish their work.

Like pieces in a chess game, the ships of LAR have varied abilities in movement, resistance to damage, and attack intensity. Battleships move like Carriers and Cruisers, and pack a hard punch and resist damage. Manipulating a LAR battleship in tactical and strategic maneuvers can make or break your attack and defense.

Lost Admiral Returns uses battleships as big, deadly machines of destruction, with a small Achilles heel… They cannot fight back against submerged submarines by themselves. Therefore it is very important to hunt down enemy submerged submarines with your own Destroyers and PT boats before they can reach your vulnerable Battleships.

Compare the classic Battleship Game to LAR:

Battleships are a lot of fun to use in LAR compared to the traditional battleship game. You can move your battleships around in LAR, compared to no movement in classic BGs. LAR Battleships can kill smaller ships in one barrage, while the traditional BG treats attacks from all your ships as the same level of deadliness. Also, the classic BG lets your battleships take damage and sink as easily as any other ship. In fact, PT boats and destroyers often out live your battleship. In LAR, battleships are king, and kill better, and outlive most other ships in the game.

Battleships have mighty broadsides and are vulnerable to submarines


In the Battle at Jutland, the British and German navies demonstrated the power of Battleships, and the power of fixated strategic thinking.  In LAR, you design your navy fleets, and can pursue any mix of ships you think will do the job of winning the war.  What kind of ships would you focus on?

You can also create your own customized Flagship Battleships in the spirit of famous World War II battleships such as the famous Bismarck, Yamato, or New Jersey.  Spend your LAR perk points to add extra “armor” or make the ship faster… Play LAR to find out other tricks of the trade for battleships...


Lost Admiral Returns
is a fun, quick playing Naval Strategy Game:  Outmaneuver your opponent using Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines and other ships for control of coastal cities.
The original Lost Admiral won "Strategy Game of the Year" from Computer Gaming World Magazine.
Try Lost Admiral Returns Risk Free for 30 days!
One of the best turn style games I have played in the last 18 years. "just get lost in time once in a while"  "the perfect getaway from your daily routine"- Oliver
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