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Fogstone Games Presents...

Try LAR as your next new pc war games.


Download LAR

LAR offers many strategy game challenges

Combat in LAR makes for a quick playing computer war game

Do you like PC War Games?

Try the chess-like decision making in the Lost Admiral Returns strategy naval pc game!

Lost Admiral Returns is a great abstraction naval combat in naval battle games.  Study the battle board, plan your moves for all your ships based on the predictable, fixed damage combat system.  Decide where each of your ships can do the most harm to the enemy, while taking the least damage back.  Use Battleships against enemy Destroyers, Submarines against enemy Battleships, and your Destroyers against enemy Submarines.  Develop your own strategy for what kind of ships to use, how to attack with them, and how to set up the enemy for such attacks... classical meat and potatoes computer war game stuff!

Out think and out maneuver your enemy like you would in a chess game!  Try Lost Admiral Returns today and discover a whole new fun world of deep thinking and naval wargame fun.

Like pieces in a chess game, the ships of LAR have varied abilities in movement, resistance to damage, and attack intensity. Battleships move like Carriers and Cruisers, and pack a hard punch and resist damage. Manipulating a LAR battleship in tactical and strategic maneuvers can make or break your attack and defense.  On the opposite extreme, PT boats are very small, but but very fast, and able to raid distant enemy home cities.

LAR gives you great computer war game fun:

Every turn you will be faced with critical choice in LAR.  Send your last powerful Battleship to help conquer an enemy city, or spare your own from conquest?  Use your last two submarines to claim more victory points, or are you ahead enough to let the subs help finish the critical special "Recon" mission for this battle?

The clean combat resolution of LAR lets you plan out what will most likely happen based on these dilemmas of where your overextended ships should go.  Just like Chess puzzles, you will be able to piece together a plan, execute it, and reap the rewards of good planning.  Just be prepared if the enemy surprises you with an occasional unexpected move.

Naval war game is what LAR is all about.

In the Battle at Jutland, the British and German navies demonstrated the power of Battleships, and the power of fixated strategic thinking.  In LAR, you design your navy fleets, and can pursue any mix of ships you think will do the job of winning the war.  What kind of ships would you focus on?

You can also create your own customized Flagships in the spirit of famous World War II battleships and carriers.  Sort of like designing your own unique queen and king pieces in Chess  Spend your LAR perk points to add extra “armor” or make the ship faster… Play LAR to explore this deep thinking computer war game...


Lost Admiral Returns
is a fun, quick playing Naval Strategy Game:  Outmaneuver your opponent using Battleships, Destroyers, Submarines and other ships for control of coastal cities.
The original Lost Admiral won "Strategy Game of the Year" from Computer Gaming World Magazine.
Try Lost Admiral Returns Risk Free for 30 days!
One of the best turn style games I have played in the last 18 years. "just get lost in time once in a while"  "the perfect getaway from your daily routine"- Oliver
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